Reflex Data Lake

Capture & Access Your Data Faster!

Reflex Data Lake increases your information agility.
Capture and analyze huge multi-structured datasets in any format.

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Key Differentiators


Go from hours to microseconds. Capture any data in any format. 


Scale to billions of transactions and petabytes of data


Never over pay again. Reduce information life-cycle costs up to 1000x.

Data Lake Features


All data is encrypted at rest and during transport. We use PCI, HIPAA, & fedRAMP compliant encryption.


Protect your data with JSON Web Token validation and sub-millisecond authentication & proxying

Fast API Data Retrieval

Retrieve data from the Data Lake in 15milliseconds - even when the data set is billions of rows.

Logging & Archival

Audit logs at each and every step - automated archival for 6 months included. Longer archival available.

Easy integration

Use an Open API specification to interact with your Data Lake. Quickly interface with existing systems.

Machine Learning

Use Data Lake to deploy Machine Learning models quickly. Your data is AI ready.

IP Reputation Database

Use Case

IP Address identity and behavior

We use Data Lake to collect information about IP addresses from 7+ sources in real-time and batch ingestion. Every day we crunch 2 Billion+ rows to produce a "FRESH" view of an IP's reputation. Our data set includes valuable time sensitive data such as reported attacks, attack ports, and time stamps. With this data we are able to produce useful analytics about IP addresses in near real time.

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Enrich and Visualize your Data

Continuous Analytics

Data Lake will connect to your existing systems and third party analytic tools. With Data Lake you can produce automated reports, deploy machine learning models to correlate complex data sets, and gain access to your isolated data sets faster. We build Data Lake with interoperability and data visualization as key features.

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